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Kristen Yuhas


RYT 200 Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor
Certified Childlight Yoga Instructor

"I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible community at Peace of Mind Yoga Studo....the energy is amazing. I am open to possibility and so excited to share this love of yoga with all our students."

After somewhat “losing” herself in the hectic day-to –day life, Kristen felt she needed to do something for herself. The Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga style resonated with her. What she discovered was that yoga was more than an exercise class—it was a lifestyle....a complete way of life connecting mind, body, and spirit. It started out “just for her” but affected everyone and everything in her life in such an amazing and positive way. She was attending workshops and immersions but wanted to learn more, experience more so Level 1 Teacher Training with Baron Baptiste seemed like the next natural step.
Never could she have imagined the experience that would change her outlook on yoga as well as her life. By being on her mat, Kristen discovered the person she wanted to be off her mat and in her life. Lifecoaching with Deborah Williamson and The Art of Assisting Program was next to follow. Doors were opening and she was so happy to be walking through them! She attended Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training and will work toward her 500 hours with Live, Love, Teach.
Kristen completed the Child Light Certification this past October and is continuing the Kids Yoga Program at the studio. The experience of teaching kids yoga for Kristen has gone beyond measure. With the opening of Peace of Mind Yoga Studio, she is open to possibility and is excited to share her love of the practice through teaching.

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Dina Stewart

E-RYT 500

Having participated in many forms of physical fitness throughout her life – from karate in her youth, to weights and treadmill cardio in high school and college, to elliptical and power cycling or “spinning” in her adult life, the discovery of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga in 2009 was what would be the turning point in Dina Stewart’s life. She found her strength, her voice, her passion. She found strength not only in her physical body but also in her mind and in her spirit. Her practice has evolved to include several styles of yoga. Dina has also made a personal commitment to the daily practice of yoga. Through her example, she inspires others to get on their mat daily in order to experience their own personal transformation and unfolding journey. In the interest of being able to share her passion with her daughter, she became a Certified Childlight Yoga Instructor in November of 2011. In May 2012, she completed training through the Always at Aum Yoga School to obtain her 200 hour RYT certification. Dina has also attended training with Seane Corn at the Yoga Loft in Bethlehem, PA in her efforts to earn the 500 hour RYT certification.


Cheryl Mizenko

200 hr RYT

"Yoga has changed my way of living and has made me a better person in more ways than I can explan"

Cheryl was officially diagnosed with chrons disease in 1999 and didn't know which way to turn. She tried other forms of exercise and got what she needed physically but not mentally and emotionally. She started to practice yoga at various studios and fell in love with it. She then participated in the 40 day program at Peace of Mind Yoga Studio not once but twice. From that point on she noticed her disease was getting better. Teacher training was offered at Peace of Mind so she decided to take it to the next level and since she has graduated she loves every minute of it.


Dennie Naprava

200 hr RYT

Dennie is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and turned to yoga to help cope with PTSD and MST. She was introduced to Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga in 2012, and was amazed at how the challenging practice helped ease her anxieties and gave her an overall feeling of inner peace. After harnessing a new power from within as a student on her mat, she felt it was time to take it to the next level to help empower others as well. She became a certified yoga teacher in January 2015. Because she believes that yoga is a lifelong journey of discovery, she continues to explore as a student and teacher by attending programs through the Baptiste Institute. She has also completed Level One training with Veterans Yoga Project, led by Dr. Daniel Libby, and is now an Ambassador for an organization she wholeheartedly believes in. Her role with VYP has led to an amazing opportunity teaching yoga and meditation to veterans with the Lone Survivor Foundation.

As a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher, Dennie’s intention is to connect to her students, as well as her community, while inspiring, uplifting, and motivating those around her to live their lives with authenticity and passion. She loves giving back to her community, and hopes to inspire others to get involved as well. Dennie invites you to step out of your comfort zone for dynamic, challenging classes that will encourage personal growth both on and off the mat.


Judy Zenier

RYT 200

Certified ChildLight Yoga Instructor CCLYl

I found yoga more than 10 years ago. My path to yoga was a common one. I wanted more flexibility in my body, so I took a few classes that were offered at my gym. I loved it, but didn’t make the time to commit to the practice. But, as Yoga does, it called me back when I was ready. My practice developed from there. Like so many, I came to yoga for the exercise but stayed for the personal growth and peace of mind. I will forever be a student of yoga, always curious, always learning. I completed my 200 RYT at Peace of Mind Yoga in 2015.


Jenny Pecora

RYT 200

I started practicing yoga in 2012 to compliment my running hobby and I have been hooked ever since. I recently completed my RYT 200 at Peace of Mind Studio under Lynn Patton and Kristen Yuhas. Yoga has helped me get over some tough hurdles in my life and I want to bring that to others. The practice of yoga itself, to me, means letting go; letting go of all the “stories” we tell ourselves when we let our minds wander, and letting go of what holds us back.
Through my teacher training, I learned where I was really stuck in my life and was able to identify the number one thing that was holding me back. In 2002, my younger brother, Michael Wagner, was killed in a terrible car accident. I didn’t realize how hard I was holding onto this and how much it was showing up in my life every day. It was showing up as fear. Fear of losing again, fear of trying new things, because to me, any risk could possibly result in a loss. I pushed people away, I was angry and reactive. Yoga has helped me to identify and to work through my fears. I was able to switch my feelings of fear to feelings of gratitude. I changed the “story” I was constantly telling myself.
Personally, I like to spread a little yoga and love everywhere I go and teaching helps me connect with people in a way that creates positivity both in others and in myself.
Ultimately, I plan on continuing my teacher training to become 500 RYT and a certified life coach.


Justine Curcio

200 hr RYT

“The nature of yoga is to shine the light of
awareness into the darkest corners of the body.”

Justine took her first yoga class four years ago and it was love at first down dog. Occasional classes evolved into a daily practice making yoga an integral part of her life. Her passion comes from firsthand experience of the benefits of the practice. Yoga has allowed her to connect with her true, authentic self. It has provided her refuge in times of unease. It has given her stillness and calmness in her daily life. It has taught her to recognize the importance and connectedness of all living beings. But above all, the practice teaches: We are enough. We are perfect just as we are. We are exactly where we’re meant to be.

In November 2015 she completed her 200 RYT Certification under the instruction of Lynn Patton and Kristen Yuhas. Since graduation she has completed additional trainings in “Yoga for Addiction and Recovery” with Kelly Corrazi and received her Yin Yoga Certification under the study of Jennifer Ciariamboli.

She believes that life is a journey, not a destination and encourages you all to step on your mat and embark on this wild ride called life.


Kristen Molinaro

RYT 200

In January 2011 Kristen walked into a beginner's yoga class. She had no idea what she was doing, what to expect or why she was even there. Instantly Kristen was hooked. She had no idea at the time what an impact yoga would have on her life, or that she would even be teaching some day. What Kristen found during those classes was magical. She learned so much more about my inner self than she had ever known. Kristen started thinking about teacher training and in 2015 was presented with a chance. She completed her 200 RYT at Peace of Mind Yoga Studio. There are no words for the things that were accomplished on herself during those 200 hours. She found herself calmer, kinder and smiling brighter than ever before -- others noticed too. Kristen is so thankful and humbled after each and every yoga class she teaches. Kristen loves sharing the joy of yoga with others.

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