Welcome to Peace of Mind Yoga. Our team of experienced, certified instructors invites you to try on something new. Shift your vision, release your stress, and ignite your spirit.

No matter what your level of ability, we welcome you with our inspiring, lighthearted approach to Power Yoga.


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Wendy Yurkanin

I LOVE yoga... a phrase I’ve been saying for almost 2 years now. A phrase that my friends and family are sick of hearing. But it’s true!
I was lucky enough to come to yoga through a friend and co-worker, Lucy Valente, who introduced me to the joys of yoga and is one of the instructors at Peace of Mind Yoga. Over the years, yoga has become so much more than just the physical practice. Yoga offers a place to find quiet, strength, the support of wonderful people. After a bad day, I would think, “I don’t feel like going to yoga”. Begrudgingly, I would go anyway. Before the end of class, my body, spirit, and heart feel lighter and am always happy that I came to class.
I LOVE yoga (sigh)….
Focusing on breathing, the movement, and thoughts of gratitude help me to shift attention in a new, more positive direction. I’m not sure what part of yoga I like best: the non-competitive atmosphere; the acceptance; the never-ending encouragement; or support from all the yogis and instructors at Peace of Mind. All these qualities makes this a place with so much more to offer than just the practice of yoga. If you haven’t tried yoga yet, give it a try and you might annoy your family by constantly saying, “I LOVE yoga” too.



New Student Special!!

New Students get the entire month of September for
just $30.00!!

Yin Yoga with Priya Idgungi
Saturday September 20th

Yin Yoga resembles other forms of traditional yoga. However, there is one key difference. Unlike other forms Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue, joints, bones and ligaments. It reaches deep muscles rather than just focusing on superficial ones, allowing for a strong and lasting connection between body and mind. Yin Yoga has been termed ‘needle-less acupuncture’ as it helps to restore the natural equilibrium of the body’s energy system. Join us in exploring this restorative practice.

Cost $15.00


Teen Yoga with Cheryl!!
Recharge our Bodies and Minds before school starts!
Begins Tuesdays August 26th.
Six Week Session ~ $45.00 or $8.00 drop in fee.


Beginners Session with Maria ~
Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm. Starting October 7th...

Learn the ropes: yoga class etiquette, basic poses, basic sanscrit cues, and what yoga really means. We'll meet for six weeks to give you a solid foundation - one that will provide you with the confidence to try out other classes and information to help you find which type of yoga will best suit you. Wear comfortable clothes that leave you free to move - no need to have your own mat - there are plenty of loaners! Expect discussion for the first 10 to 15 minutes and a gentle practice for the remainder of our time together.


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